Gustav Roedde's Den


Research showed that this part of the House was an addition at a later date. It possibly was a summer sleeping porch which was closed in at the same time as the dining room was refurbished after the fire. From family histories, we know that this was Gustav's private place where he smoked his pipe, listened to classical music on the radio, played his Victrola and bathed his St. Bernard dogs in a large tin tub.

This room now functions as archival and small exhibit space. The Roedde House Preservation Society stores historical records in the lower cupboards. We invite you to peruse the three binders on display, which show the extent and depth of work that was undertaken to restore this heritage house.
The wall showcase holds samples of original wallpapers and other objects discovered during the restoration. On the wall opposite, are interior views of G.A. Roedde (Printers) Ltd., one of the oldest commercial firms active in this province although no longer in family hands.

Look for:

  1. The Roedde Family Tree
  2. Roedde family heirlooms – Matilda's souvenir plate from her birthplace in Heligoland (a Territory owned by Britain and subsequently by Germany), Gustav's curly pipe, music book covers and writing box made by Gustav, Easter egg surprises created by Gustav
  3. Photos of G.A. Roedde (Printers) Ltd. – can you find Gustav and his St. Bernard dog?
  4. 1983 photograph of Barclay Heritage Square (Park site 19) – just before the removal of chosen buildings and the restoration of the nine remaining houses surrounded by landscaping, which became "A West End Park with Houses".

We trust that you have enjoyed your visit to Roedde House Museum and hope that you will return in the future.

We invite you to become a friend of Roedde House by joining the Society which supports our heritage preservation work and the operation of the House.

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